Kingdom of Measure (Series)

Kingdom of Measure (Kingdom of Measure, #1)

In a kingdom ruled by power citizens are divided into three ranks . . .

Those who serve.
Those who compete.
And those who rule.

Sixteen-year-old Sage has lived as an unranked citizen her entire life. Raised in an institute, by emotionless guides, she is desperate to find out who her chosen parents will be.

But when her ranking ceremony reveals that she can harness an unusual amount of power, she quickly finds herself ranked as the newest member of the Salients—the most elite individuals in the kingdom—and the new daughter of the king and queen.

Engulfed in a world of power, beauty and glamour it’s not long before Sage realizes that the Salients are harboring a dark secret. With no idea who she can trust, and the elders watching her every move, Sage sets out on a mission to uncover the truth.

But how do you find the truth when there are those who will kill to protect it?