Check out episode 18 of Behind the Book! This week’s episode is all about editing your novel!!!

So, on last week’s episode we talked all about revising your novel, and this week’s episode continues the conversation! This week we are discussing what it means to edit your novel and why it is important. Check out the episode below and if you find it useful then don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment. Have a great day 😊



Are you an aspiring writer? Then this could be for you….

If you’re an aspiring writer and looking for tips and advice on writing then look no further. I have created a video series called Behind the Book that gives advice to other writers based on my own experiences. I cover everything from overcoming writer’s block, writing a first draft, writing believable characters and much more! My reason for starting this series was that I wanted to create exactly what I was looking for when I was starting out. Someone who would be honest and open about their journey and someone that I could relate to. I truly hope that I have managed to succeed at this and that someone out there will find answers to their questions within my videos. There are currently 17 videos in this series and there will be many more as I post a new episode every Saturday. If you think that you might be interested then why not take a peek at this week’s episode where I speak about what it means to revise your novel:

If you are interested in writing tips/advice then check out episode 1 of my video series ‘Behind the Book’

Behind the Book is a series of videos that I have created to offer writing tips and advice based on my own experience. It is also a place where my readers can find out all about how I created the world for Kingdom of Measure. Check out Episode 1 of the series below and if you enjoy it then visit my youtube channel to watch more episodes. πŸ™‚